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Coco Mbassi Live Acoustic Set at Mwalimu Express

Coco Mbassi returns to Mwalimu Express for a delightful session of lilting lyrical Cameroonian melodies. In the last few years, this prolific and highly creative artist has been blazing a trail into a new era of excellent artistic adventures.  Along with writing her first musical, Coco is working on new material for her 4th album (following on from Sepia, 2001; Sisea, 2003; and Jóa, 2014). She also leads the most entertaining and inclusive singing and rhythm workshops. Come bathe in the warmth of Coco's sultry voice and evocative melodies.
Rich Mix 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road. London E1 6LA

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Coco Mbassi's Rhythm Workshops

Hi all. The first edition of Coco Mbassi's Rhythm workshops went very wel! :-D

So well in fact... that we're doubling the length of the workshops!

To recap, here's what to expect:

For whom: All 15+ rhythm and music lovers including professional musicians... with a heartbeat... (whether or not you're good at holding a rhythm)

What: We will explore rhythm using our hands and/or percussions (BYO) including beats, simple and complex time signatures, subdivisions, and more. In the 2nd part, we will include movement in the exploration of rhythm.

Where: Arts Depot in North Finchley.

Cost: £8 per hour so for 2 hours that's £16.

Here's a link to the Doodle poll with options for the rhythm workshops: Coco Mbassi's Rhythm workshops Doodle

Feel free to forward it to people you think might be interested. 




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Coco Mbassi's Rhythm Workshops

Hi all! I am launching my Rhythm Workshops, starting this coming Sunday. Here’s a description of what to expect:

Coco Mbassi's Rhythm Workshop is for all music lovers and musicians, with or without percussions. You will learn to feel, listen to and play rhythms in time to improve your general sense of rhythm, dance skills, drumming skills and more. Musicians too will benefit from these, as we will explore subdivisions, unusual time signatures. Share widely - the more, the merrier.

£8 for an hour. Contact for payment.

See you there! For location and more info, see the workshop advertised at Arts Depot.

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