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29/04/2019 - Hi all. The first edition of Coco Mbassi's Rhythm workshops went very well! :-D So well in fact... that we're doubling the length of the workshops! Visit my Upcoming gigs page for more info… See you there!

04/04/2019 - I am launching a series of rhythm workshops in a North London Arts Venue called Arts Depot. Dates and times to be confirmed. The workshops are suitable for all, including musicians. They’ll be tailored to the level of musical knowledge of audiences. This girl is mobile too, so if you would like me to travel to your neck of the woods to lead my workshops, please get in touch.

19/02/19 - we did it!!! Haendel on the Estate @Ovalhouse was a great success. I will continue to write the script and rearrange Haendel’s magnificent music in the coming months… Feel free to join the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for updates and if you were in the audience, leave your comments here and on social media:

FB: - Instagram: @haendel_on_the_estate - Twitter: @HaendelE

17/01/19 - so the year has started!!! New beginnings and all that… thought I’d post here a link to buy tickets for the extracts of my musical Haendel on the Estate! 😉

Get them fast… Limited seats and all that.

See you there! #HotE #HaendelontheEstate

23/12/18 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 to all! Enjoy this song to bring you good cheer in this season!


Hi people! The play I was involved in ended beautifully, and I have now moved on to my musical. Haendel on the Estate. I am writing it, taking my time, and I will perform extracts of my musical at Ovalhouse Theatre in February 2019 God willing. Stay tuned for updates and in the meantime feel free to check out the video presenting the project here: - Poster above drawn by ©️Nathalie G. Mvondo - check out her incredible work at


So people… the play I am in #Yerma opened last week. I am so grateful for the way it has been received. I know it is 100% team work but it is my first pro (theatre) acting gig so I am elated that I was mentioned in a couple of reviews too!!! #grateful

Here are a few accolades:

5 stars for #Yerma by Broadway World UK / 4 star review of #Yerma by The Stage/ incredible review by Graham Watts, who is a renowned artistic critic. If you are around, come and see the play at Cervantes Theatre. English version on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. ♥️


There is a time and a season for everything... Eccl. 3:1... I am so grateful that this great opportunity has come my way in this season of my life... Singing is in my DNA... and the theatre is warmly opening its doors for me ... 😉 I am about to embark on a new adventure, my first role in a play… So if you are in London between November 8th and December 1st, come and watch this adaptation of García Lorca’s play #Yerma, at the Cervantes Theatre,

🙏🏽#Iamblessed #theDoorOpener is with me.

You can book your ticket(s) here:

02/09/18... new beginnings... for families with children in education (older or younger) September symbolises new beginnings, a fresh start. It just so happens that my church is moving to a new location. So many memories in that beautiful old church... a bit of nostalgia mingled with the excitement of a fresh new start as we head to a location that will be more accessible and that opens up so many new possibilities... I am excited about being a part of this and eager to tune in to what the Lord is doing in this new season. 

"The old has gone, the new has come" says the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:17. The Lord specialises in stripping His children of the old to lead them into the new which with Him is always so much better. :)

Letting go of the old may be difficult sometimes but it is absolutely required in order to be positioned and poised for the new... so let's trust and have faith in Him...GO! ❤️

10/08/18... had an exciting day today! Played a speaking part in a film!!! More asap. Can’t wait to show it to y’all!!! Picking up music composition and recording on Monday. #whatawonderfullife ❤️🎶🎤

31/07/18 … I have been composing and laying down new songs for my next album for the last 4 months or so… still quite a bit of work to be done… it is an interesting challenge. It requires resilience, honesty and self-love, and prayer, tea, water… and silence. It’s about what I want to say at this time in my life, what is in my heart and finding the best way of presenting it to you without cobwebs, dust, crumbs… definitely a labour of love and tears that involves dying a little and being enchanted by the miracle of composition.
Also working on a few other projects… such as a musical, and some creative writing. It’s still hush hush at the moment but I will reveal more as projects get confirmed. So... stay tuned... I am definitely a multi-tasker! :)

My music has always been very personal, and in my next album, I will delve deeper in my identity as a child of God and into my faith, my life experiences, and share what I have learnt along the way and am still learning. I believe we are #savedtoserve and that is what makes every hurt, every disappointment, every bit of pain 200% worthwhile. 

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