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Hello friends and fans!

Thanks for tuning in!

My music has always been very personal, and in my next album, I will delve deeper in my identity as a child of God and into my faith, my life experiences, and share what I have learnt along the way and am still learning. I believe we are #savedtoserve and that is what makes every hurt, every disappointment, every bit of pain 200% worthwhile. 

Dated updates (no pun intended...) below.

31/07/18 … I have been composing and laying down new songs for my next album for the last 4 months or so… still quite a bit of work to be done… it is an interesting challenge. It requires resilience, honesty and self-love, and prayer, tea, water… and silence. It’s about what I want to say at this time in my life, what is in my heart and finding the best way of presenting it to you without cobwebs, dust, crumbs… definitely a labour of love and tears that involves dying a little and being enchanted by the miracle of composition.

Also working on a few other projects… such as a musical, and some creative writing. It’s still hush hush at the moment but I will reveal more as projects get confirmed. So... stay tuned... I am definitely a multi-tasker! :)

10/08/18... had an exciting day today! Played a speaking part in a film!!! More asap. Can’t wait to show it to y’all!!! Picking up music composition and recording on Monday. #whatawonderfullife ❤️🙏🏽 🎶🎤


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